Friday, July 09, 2010


One of the down sides to having a World Cup blog is that such blogs don't actually--ya know, earn money.

As such the authors of this blog have prioritized work above play--and while we've all watched a bunch of games we haven't written.

To be fair: Matt has a new child on the way and it's best if you get ready for that is actually getting ready for it.

Also, Simon was in a bit of a nasty car accident and begun a new job after graduating from college, so....that was important too.

And I, Ben, was in Ghana for the month doing his thesis research. And while the complete obsession of Ghanaians with football was amazing, Ghanaian internet didn't care what I wanted to say and repeatedly reminded me of this fact by turning into a big white mass of nothing.

So...this is a world cup center that came up, regrettably empty.

But, as a certifiable nerd, sports fan and voicer of irrelevant opinions--I hereby vow that we will be back.

Hopefully we shall return sooner rather than later (perhaps the Champion's League...perhaps the Premiership or perhaps its time to try the MLS again...does Carlos Valderamma still play?) but if nothing else we'll write on Sunday and we'll write again in 2012--when the World Cup quest for qualification begins anew on those little ol' islands in the South Pacific.

Until Sunday--
The Scruffy Rube