Monday, January 22, 2007

DAAAAAAAAA BEARS!!!! ahh who cares?

So as I was working on an 8-10 dramaturgical textual analysis of True West by Sam Shepard. The dorms were filled with calls like DA BEARS, REX YOU FUCK NUT!!! and of course DITKA I WANT YOUR MAN-BABIES. I realized something playoff football is really the only time to watch. Really playoff time for any professional sport these days is the only time to watch. It's that time when ignorant buisness men and women suddenly realize "oh shit we have a good team" and they proceed to get decked out it their teams colors for a couple of weeks then through those souveniers in the closet till the next time thier team reappears in the playoffs. It also seems unfair to those loyal fans through thick and thin who have to watch thier team from the bar because they can't get seats because of those wealthy buisnessmen and women. So I ask you why can't we televise sporting events where every single game is sold out like...dare I say it...Soccer. I know I know it may seem radical but I think if we can start to look at the sports that aren't getting all the publicity that the major leaugue ones are maybe lacrosse, soccer, and of course college sports I think the more people can appreciate team spirit because those are the games that are the most exciting to watch. Then I realized it was 2:40 in the morning and I only had 4 pages done, so who cares?

How's that for my first post there smellypants

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't Call it a Comeback

I'm not sure why I latched on to that LL Cool J song with such a fervor but lord knows that I have.

The Montanan Hooligans' Debate Center, so long a dormant and insignificant speck in the gigantic universe of cosmic nothingness that is "" is at last ready to make it's grand re-entry.

Once again we are prepared to take on all comers for the title of "Least Important Website On the Internet."

Once again we are prepared to howl our opinions into the eternal ether of time and space only to be greeted by a loud, wet "Pbbbbbt."

Watch this space in the coming weeks for a spirited--or at least, moronic--debate over the 100 greatest films in the American Film cannon. Brent McCafferty, the adorable scamp who so ably mocked Ronaldo with something other than "Fatty", will be back and I will do my level best to involve others of an equal ability. Once the monkey's at typewriters idea fails, I will contact good friends of ours with a similar love of film to engage in witty verbal repartee whilst Brent and I sit back repeating: "Dude, 2001: A Space Odyssey sucked," again and again.

The American Film institute will release a new list of the 100 greatest movies of all time this summer, but why wait for that list when you can laugh at the idiocy of Montanan Expatriate yokels.

We'll be speaking again soon to you, oh bottomless receptacle of all things totally unnecessary, you ol' vacuous nothingness you.

P.s. I got a word of the day calendar for Christmas...can you tell?