Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After finishing the analysis of all 2022 candidates, we move on to the last three bids, each for the 2018 starting with Mother Russia...

Tagline: "Ready to Inspire"

What the Tagline Should Be: "Ready to Inspire....FEAR!"

You Tube Plea:

Pros: If you've read any of the other posts, you know that one of the best things you can do to boost your World Cup bid is offer FIFA a new market to tap into. Growing the game is one of their biggest passions, and when a country starts making more money, the powers that be perk up considerably. (Why else would Brazil be set to host the World Cup and Olympics in the span of 2 years?) Russia (the R in the BRIC gang) is set to offer FIFA an emerging market, and with 8 years before kickoff they should have plenty of time to take all their money and all their clout and fix any problems FIFA identifies. Additionally, Russia can be a ground breaking host offering the first Eurasian cup and offer a rallying point for a diverse and often tenuous alliance of ethnic groups (That's right FIFA, Money & PEACE!). Finally, there's the fact that Russia is looking for their coming out party as a new world power (like Beijing's Olympics)...and the powers that be in Russia, usually get what they want...(or else, FIFA!)

Cons: Let's start with the fact that Russia is HUGE. So the basic logistics of getting around for national team fans is difficult (Heck between St. Petersburg and the other most northern city (Yaroslav) it's 10 hours by train...) So the transport logistics for teams and fans would be almost always solved with plane travel--normally fine, but a little rough given the push for greener games. Then there's the whole problem of the stadia, because while Russia has some stadiums, they need new ones, better ones (ones without the foul stank of communist despair) and while the economy is booming...the bureaucracy is a little tough to navigate...meaning they'll probably need all 8 years. And on that note, it might be a little hard to sell Russia as a brand new nation as long as Vladmir Putin (aka Humanoid Dobby the House Elf) is creating new positions to keep himself in power and attempting to poison former spies. (Doesn't really seem like Fair Play, does it?)

Summary: Russia's an awfully attractive site, especially in a race against other European countries that have already hosted. But the country's also a little/a lot crazypants...not good

Chances: If Vladmir Putin will reportedly turn up to make an emotional appeal, good...If Vladmir Putin turns up to make a death threat, REALLY GOOD!

Next time on Meet the Bid: Spain/Portugal 2018 ("So, we've been successful recently...reward us some more please!!")

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