Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Down goes Frazier! (I mean Elin)

It's time for a pre-quarterfinals updating of our standings, with a major shake up in the works. (4 points for each quarter final team correctly predicted)

Name [Previous Pts./QF Teams/New point totals]
Brent McCafferty --70/5/90
Elin Ljung --74/3/86
Simon MacKenzie --61/5/81
Matt MacKenzie --56/6/80
Ben MacKenzie --60/4/76
Bruce MacKenzie --57/4/73
Brandon McCafferty --53/4/68
Krista Johnson --52/4/67

And just like that Elin Ljung's reign of terror is OVER! Long live our new despot, Brent McCafferty! Sadly, Elin's run in the pool has come to a very sudden conclusion. All of her remaining predictions for semi-finalists through champion have been eliminated. On the other hand, Brandon McCafferty may be near the bottom of the standings but he still has all of his semi-finalists remaining, and he's at the top of St. Olaf College's Most Eligible Bachelor list, so feel free to congrulate/mock him accordingly.

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Lacking a clever nickname... said...

Well, I've been checking this World Cup Center since the very first post, and I've been shocked every time to see my name at the top of the standings! Second place and an imminent nosedive feels more normal, especially after my dismal March Madness effort.

I'm envious of all you who manage to keep up so well with the games - last week I finally tuned in to see the US go down in tepid flames, which is still the only game I've watched. My World Cup will have to take place next winter when I pop in the numerous tapes my generous parents are recording for me. So thank you, Ben, for setting this up, and thanks to all you witty people for the updates and commentary! Loads better than J.P. Dellacamera, whom I loathe simply because of his ridiculous name. It's almost as bad as the Brazilians who insist on using only one name... that's pretty much why I eliminated them (and therefore, myself).

Here's to some exciting fights toward the end, even if they are predictable matchups, and I'll do my best to see at least one more game!