Saturday, June 24, 2006


So here now are the final standings for the group stage of the MacKenzie Low Budget World Cup Pool
Remember 3 points for a correct score, 1 for a correct result, 0 for an incorrect prediction and -100 for being Montenegran.

Name [C.S/C.R./I./Points]
Elin Ljung --9/25/14/52
Brent McCafferty --10/18/20/48
Bruce MacKenzie --7/20/21/41
Ben MacKenzie --8/16/24/40
Simon MacKenzie --5/22/21/37
Brandon McCafferty --3/24/21/33
Krista Johnson --2/24/22/30
Matt MacKenzie --1/27/20/30

So Congrats to Elin for winning this stage of the pool, though you have to credit Brent with a major comeback cutting a once insurmountable lead down to a scant 4 points. Best of all this is only one part of the pool (cue the dramatic twist music).
We now move into the knockout stages where you get two points for every team you had in the sweet sixteen that actually made it, four points for each correct quarterfinalist, six for each correct semifinalist, eight for each correct finalist and 10 big fat points if you called the winner. Sadly, Krista and Elin have already lost their champion in the Czech Republic which means it's still, very much anybody's game. Here's the standings WITH points for Sweet Sixteens.

Name [1st Round Pts./Sweet 16 teams/Points]
Elin Ljung --52/11/74
Brent McCafferty --48/11/70
Simon MacKenzie --37/12/61
Ben MacKenzie --40/10/60
Bruce MacKenzie --41/8/57
Matt MacKenzie --30/13/56
Brandon McCafferty --33/10/53
Krista Johnson --30/11/52

And just like that Matt's back in the hunt. He has the most in the sweet 16 and all of his quarterfinalists still standing. However, Bruce, Elin and I are each down 3 quarterfinalists and at least one semifinalist (painful). The door is wide open...much like the Swedish defense (or lack thereof).


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