Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jai Lewis, Shaq, the World Series...and soccer

So at the close of day 2 in the World Cup at least one thing has become painfully obvious.

In an attempt to make soccer more accessible to mainstream America, announcers are comparing it to any other popular American Sport. For examples consider the following gems from today's commentary.

J.P. Dellecamera (on Trindiad & Tobago): They're like a 16 seed beating a One seed, eh John (Harkes, co-commentator). [Harkes says nothing] Yeah...just like that. [Harkes says nothing] Trinidad & Tobago, just like George Mason [Harkes gets back to the game].

Shep Messing (on Didier Drogba): Argentina's playing, like, a box-in-one against Drogba to keep him away from the goal. Just like the Mavericks put on Shaquille O'Neal in the NBA Finals.

Shep Messing (in the 61st minutes of Argentina's win): This is like, the seventh inning of a World Series's...important.

So the World Cup is JUST LIKE all sorts of I wonder, when the Super Bowl's broadcast in foriegn countries do those announcers make similies to soccer?
"Tom Brady completes a pass and the receiver goes streaking down the sideline, just like if David Beckham had played a through ball to Michael Owen...right? Right?"

Big ups to Trinidad! (And consolations to the IVC, Henrik, Zatlan and Freddy)

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petercrouchgeneticanomalies said...

You're completely right about J.P. Dellacamera. (Poor, poor John Harkes.) If you would like to start a petition for his firing, I will happily sign it and forward it to everyone I know.

By the way, the following exchange is a sure bet for John and J.P's telecast of today's Brazil-Croatia match:

J.P.: "A perennial favorite to take the World Cup, Brazil is once again expected to win, despite the fact that they're playing on European soil. The yellow and blue are just a much, much better team than everyone else. It's like if Lance Armstrong got to ride a motorcycle instead of a bike. It's like if Shaq were eight-foot-eleven. It's like if Joe Mauer had eight arms and could fly. It's like you want to kill me right now with a santuko knife, right John?"


John: "Now THAT I can agree with."