Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ladies night...

Here are the standings for the MacKenzie Low Budget World Cup Pool
*3 points for correctly predicting the outcome and score of a game [C.S]
*1 point for correctly predicting the result of the game (win, lose or draw) [C.R]
*0 points for incorrectly predicting anything (including Otto Pfister's return to the Togo national team) [I]

Name [C.S/C.R./I./Points]
Elin Ljung --3/10/3/19
Krista Johnson --1/10/5/13
Ben MacKenzie --1/8/7/11
Brandon McCafferty --1/8/7/11
Simon MacKenzie --1/8/7/11
Brent McCafferty --1/7/8/10
Bruce MacKenzie --1/6/9/9
Matt MacKenzie --0/9/7/9

Look at how thoroughly we're getting thrashed guys! Elin delivers with three big calls for Ecuador, England and Argentina and Krista remains as thoroughly consistent as anybody else. Meanwhile, Matt may be down in the standings but he needs just one correct call to vault up the leader board into third place.

Biggest surprises (to us): NO ONE picked a draw between Trinidad and Sweden, though Krista, Simon and Bruce were brave enough to call for Trinidad wins. Only Elin had Australia beating Japan (I called a draw and everyone else had Japan). Only Simon thought Saudi Arabia would hold Tunisia to a draw, everyone else had the Carthage Eagles trouncing the House of Saud.

Easiest call: Brent, Bruce and I all picked up 3 points for Holland's 1-0 win over Serbia and Montenegro. Brazil and Germany got everyone 1 point.

Stay tuned for Brent's 32 team power rankings, and remember it's not about who wins and loses a friendly World Cup's about who can talk the most smack about the others.


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