Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why we're here

As you have seen from the first column dashed off by lead striker "Edamaepyjamas" (or as the rest of us know him, "Matt"), there is a typical presentation to be found in blogs. Whether they relate to the status of your relationship, your career or your politics you can certainly use this space, or any space to register your discontent with the world.

Which puts you in good company.

Witness: ESPN programming between the hours of 2-4 PM Mountain Standard Time (3-5 Central). (We're Montana boys who've spent time in the Midwest, perpetuating the great Missouri/Mississippi River Bias). Where the basic structure of programming entails: Two men yell at each other, one man yells at the screen, five men yell at each other, two men yell at each other.

Witness: Any "24-Hour-News" channel, which, at any moment now, may break away from pundits you've never heard of shrieking about something you don't understand to cover the actual news.

Witness: C-Span...or C-Span 2 ("The Deuce" to the kids)

However, being an out of the ordinary kind of guy, I'm happy to take on the "creating midfielder" role. Allow me to play Claudio Renya to my brother Matt's, Brian "Always a McBridesmaid, Never a" McBride. Allow me to float the cross in, to push the through pass, to, from time to time, wigout without warning. Mine will be the space with smiles and laughs and inappropriate nicknames for players I don't know, just waiting for my colleagues (and there will be more joining soon) to slam home.

Welcome to the Montanan Hooligans' World Cup Center. Where we don't scream incessantly, because we can't afford to.

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