Monday, June 19, 2006

Nostradamus was a chick?!?

It seems that way following 16 more matches and yet more domination from the Swedish sensation (I assume she's at least part Swedish) Elin Ljung

Here's the standings for the MacKenzie Low Budget World Cup Pool after the second matches
Name [C.S/C.R./I./Points]
Elin Ljung --6/19/7/37
Brent McCafferty --5/14/13/29
Bruce MacKenzie --5/13/14/28
Ben MacKenzie --5/12/15/27
Simon MacKenzie --2/18/12/24
Krista Johnson --2/17/13/23
Brandon McCafferty --2/16/14/22
Matt MacKenzie --1/18/13/21

Crazy good, no? Elin has not missed a single result in 3 groups (A, C, D) and has only really struggled with one (Group E, where she let her patriotism get the better of her (but we all did, so she's excused)). Meanwhile Brent, Bruce and I went on runs this weekend thanks largely to a strange run of 2-0 matches. Matt once again trails the pack, but, he remains on correctly predicted score away from jumping back into things.

Once again two things to keep in mind as we launch into the final raft of matches before round two
Worst storyline of the last matches: France...lousy, lousy France. If you're looking for comedy call up Simon and ask him to portray the French coach for you. "Trezuget? Treza-who? Golly! Bon juwer! Jeesh!" ah, typing can't do it justice. Trust me it's a blend of Jean-Claude Van Damme and an annoying 3rd grader...high comedy.

Best storyline of the last matches: Ghana finally, mercifully, pulling an upset. I know that having lived in the gold coast and having seen the Black Stars play live that I might be biased, but you've got to love the excitement surrounding a team that played well against Italy and really outclassed the Czechs. It also led to this conversation between Brent and I on Saturday morning.
Ben: "Dude!"
Brent: "I know."
Ben: "I can't believe they're going to do this."
Brent: "I know."
Ben: "Dude..."
Brent: "Yeah...?"
Ben: "They're going to crush the U.S."
Brent: "Oh, yeah."
I will post any trash talking e-mails from my Ghanaian friend Kwasi, just as soon as he sends one.

Here we go Black Stars, here we go!

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